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Tom Roberts

Ezra Films
Documentary Producer/Director
I am developing a documentary series which ironically is motivated by the same theme as the Summit. The 3 hour series will explore the scientific, fieldwork and inspiration approach of conservationists working to save a particular species. It will show how, if the will is there, a species can be brought back from the brink, and be designed to maximise audience participation by providing avenues for sharing and contributing to the work undertaken by professionals. If the first series is a success, then the we can move on to a second and third species, on and on. I look forward to meeting so many of the delegates and refining my approach inspired no doubt by your work.
Thursday, April 20

09:30 BST

09:45 BST

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13:00 BST

14:00 BST

14:45 BST

16:15 BST

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17:30 BST

Friday, April 21

09:15 BST

10:00 BST

11:30 BST

12:00 BST

12:45 BST

13:45 BST

15:15 BST

15:45 BST

17:15 BST

Saturday, April 22

11:00 BST

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13:50 BST