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Lianne Concannon

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Conservation Scientist
Bath, UK
I am responsible for managing the Durrell Index, which is our conservation monitoring & evaluation framework. Additionally, I coordinate how we communicate our impact – the difference Durrell makes – to a range of audiences. Durrell and our key partners have worked together for decades to generate some of the most compelling success stories in conservation. In a nut-shell, the Index is what enables us to communicate a message of hope amidst the doom and gloom so pervasive within our sector. To be able to work on measuring and communicating these stories is an absolute privilege.
I have a PhD and MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation and throughout my career I have demonstrated a passion for communicating the importance of conservation and conservation science to a range of audiences. Examples of this include: working at ARKive as Text Author to raise awareness of globally threatened species; introducing the Bioblitz concept to the UK in 2006 and running the country’s first Bioblitz event; and working to both coordinate and communicate about a number of citizen-science projects around the world in a previous role.
I am extremely excited to be involved in the Conservation Optimism movement and I look forward to encouraging others to talk about and celebrate conservation successes.