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NGOTEYA Hans Cosmas

Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization (LCMO)
Co-Founder & Project Manager
I am a conservationist from Tanzania, East Africa, a National Geographic Young Explorer, and a co-founder of the Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization- LCMO, an organization that focuses on promoting, supporting, and improving community livelihoods, sustainable environmental practices, wildlife conservation, and development in rural areas surrounding protected areas.

My country still has rich biodiversity, unfortunately, it currently faces dramatic loss in its populations, abundance, and distribution due to habitat loss, poaching, and climate change. I have three years of working Experience as conservation educator. In the project which is dubbed “Vijana na Mazingira” which means “Youths and their environment” in a remote village neighboring one of the national parks I work with youths, helping them understand their natural environment and together we find ways that they can sustainably benefit from it. It’s very hard for young conservationist like me to communicate the work that we are doing due to limited publication knowledge and limitation in networks. However, in our technological advanced generation having phones with cameras, computers and social media these are very useful tools for us to showcase our work. Using short video clips of my project I would like to encourage conservationists that it is an alternative effective way that we can record and publish our findings and reach a broader target in other disciplines.

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Thursday, April 20

17:30 BST

Saturday, April 22

11:00 BST