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Lloyd Figgins

LFL Global Risk Mitigation
Oxford, United Kingdom
Lloyd Figgins is a Travel Risk Expert, Author and Speaker. He’s a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and internationally respected authority on the subject of risk and crisis management, Lloyd often provides commentary in the media and has made regular appearances on the BBC, ITV and Sky News.

Lloyd is also a keen conservationist and adventurer who practices what he preaches by applying his risk management strategies to his own expeditions. He has led expeditions all over the world including in extreme desert, mountain, jungle and ocean environments.

In 2012, he and his rowing partner completed a 3,200 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean in a 23ft plywood boat. In doing so they encountered pirates, sharks and 50ft waves and became the first pair ever to row non-stop and unsupported from Morocco to Barbados. They also used this expedition to carry out research on the marine species they encountered and were able to record sightings of turtles, jellyfish, sharks and cetaceans.

Lloyd is recognised globally as one of leaders in the field of travel risk management. A former police officer, soldier and expedition leader, he has worked in over 80 countries, including some of the world’s more hostile and remote regions.

Lloyd’s highly acclaimed first book, Looking for Lemons - A Travel Survival Guide is an action packed tale of travel and adventure, which contains essential and potentially life saving travel safety tips.