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Celine Bartolomucci

ADAP - Association for the Development of Protected Areas
Geneva (Switzerland)
After +10 years of increasing expertise in engineering and project management, I have decided to pursue my career by transferring my skills acquired in private and public sector, into Public Interest and NGO projects for the conservation of nature.
Artist, globe-trotter and conservation advocate, my goal in my daily life is to raise awareness around me about conservation and nature issues, through volunteering (wildlife rescue center in Switzerland) and participation in NGO projects.
I have recently joined the ADAP (Association for the Development of Protected Areas) team. The ADAP promotes a community-based approach in the management and conservation of natural resources. In order to improve livelihood of rural populations while preserving ecosystems, ADAP supports the sustainable exploitation of natural resources. Its objective is to generate incomes for local communities in order to gain their support for environmental conservation. Thus, we support the development of activities such as beekeeping, wild plants collection and marketing, sustainable agriculture or ecotourism. At the same time, improvement in the educational level and the development of local capacities are an integral part of our projects.
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