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Beth Robinson

WildLearning Specialist
Truro, United Kingdom
I am a WildLearning Specialist for WildTeam UK. A bit of an odd job title, I agree, but let me explain... WildTeam UK, a UK charity, works to give conservationists the skills to design and deliver amazing conservation projects that help to save more wildlife.
One of our biggest achievements to date is developing a new project management methodology called Project Management for Wildlife Conservation (PMWC) which is based on private and public sector knowledge. PMWC aims to increase impact of conservation organisations by building their capacity to design, implement, monitor, and report on their projects. We have offer free online courses at www.mywildlearning.com, and also deliver class-based training and consultancy services.
We are working on developing a number of other best practice guidelines for conservation practitioners.

Please come and talk to me if you are interested in any of the following:
- Increasing measurable impact of conservation projects
- Monitoring and evaluating conservation projects
- Best practices
- Behaviour change initiatives
- Innovative ways of tracking conservation projects
- Or just if you love talking about conservation and wildlife generally.
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