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Aini Hasanah Abd Mutalib

Universiti Sains Malaysia and Malaysian Primatological Society
Secretary General
Hi! I am a PhD candidate at Universiti Sains Malaysia. I would be presenting during Not-So-Poster session for my studies regarding orangutan. I would also exhibit my team's effort on Malaysian Primatological Society, the very first society in Malaysia that promotes the conservation of Malaysian primates. I am looking forward to see all of you
Thursday, April 20

09:00 BST

09:30 BST

09:45 BST

10:30 BST

11:00 BST

13:00 BST

14:45 BST

16:15 BST

16:45 BST

17:30 BST

Friday, April 21

09:15 BST

10:00 BST

11:30 BST

12:45 BST

15:45 BST

17:15 BST

Saturday, April 22

11:00 BST